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The Landscape Resource Centre


We cater for land drainage for all turf installations including: sports grounds, farms, estates and gardens. Our expertise starts with the ‘find and fix service,’ using ancient ‘divining’ techniques  to locate failing drainage systems in need of repair, excavation, and repair where economic. Progressing to the re-drainage of complete equestrian estates, to increase available turn-out periods in our increasingly wet climate. It is worth noting that, well drained land also tends to perform better in period  of drought stress, as it tends to be less prone to compaction and retains better soil structure and improved grass rooting capacity.

As well as the knowledge required to design and specify a well balanced drainage system, the Landscape Resource Centre is equipped to install complete systems. We have our own AFT 45 chain trencher capable of cutting drain channels as narrow as 125mm down to 1.0m in depth. Its very neat and narrow trench saves huge volumes in backfill material, compared to using a backhoe excavator with a 300mm bucket. Additionally, we have two gravel backfill conveyor trailer systems and a 3.5 tonne excavator with a tapered narrow trenching bucket.

For more specialist secondary drainage work in turf environments, we have an AFT 45 fitted with a Whizz-wheel (80mm) for sand slitting and narrow gravel banding over existing drainage systems.

After drainage works are concluded, we have a fleet of compact tractors with an assortment of cultivators and grass seeding equipment for re-establishing the surface vegetation.

On sports turf and finer installations, surface repairs following drainage operations may require a sand based topdressing to be spread, we have a sand spreader for this too.



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