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The Landscape Resource Centre

Environmental Focus

At the Landscape Resource Centre, we are very conscious of the impact of our work on the environment. Plastics and waste plastics are in the spotlight at the moment. We make great effort to reduce our consumption of packaging materials by choosing product formats that need less plastic packaging, if any. Our waste plastics are carefully recovered and sent for recovery by a reliable specialist plastic recycler, SOLWAY RECYCLING.

However, we do use some plastics in landscaping, as these are very useful long-life products. These are used as far as we can, sourced from already re-used materials, re-manufactured by SOLWAY RECYCLING.

Aside from plastics, it is our aim to reduce waste by careful planning, re-use and recycling materials at every opportunity.

We have a collection of recovered paving materials and salvaged timber, which can be used to help clients with projects on small budgets. From time to time, we also have stocks of screened soils which have been surplus on a site, these are brought back to our yard, sieved to remove unwanted stone and other materials and blended with green waste compost to produce good quality soil available to other projects, and are commonly used for filling raised beds.

Perthshire Primary School

The photo featured (left) shows a sensory path project for a Perthshire Primary School which was created using largely reused or recycled materials. Please see our Garden and Landscaping page for further information on our installations of play equipment and sensory paths.