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Equestrian Services

With years of equine knowledge, the Landscape Resource Centre offers  a wide range of equestrian services, including the construction and maintenance of equestrian riding arenas and paddocks, putting your equine’s safety at the forefront of our ethos

With experience in providing sports surfaces, we understand the necessity to provide a choice of top performing surfaces to ensure the safety of your equines. Over a decade ago, the Landscape Resource Centre was asked to investigate the failure of several arenas, as a result of our existing expertise in natural sports surface drainage. These failures ranged from flooding, freezing, compaction and floating membranes. From our findings and the solutions we implemented, we were then asked to build arenas from scratch.

We are able to make your dream arena come to fruition, and to maintain It thereafter.
Arena Construction

Our riding arena construction services include full outdoor builds as well as indoor arena refurbishment works.

All our arenas will be specified with a full drainage system, with consideration to the natural drainage potential of the site, and a heat welded geotextile membrane, below the riding surface.

Our arena construction service includes: the initial site assessment; measuring and surveying; assessing suitability re access for construction materials. We then price the construction of the arena, providing options for the specification of the surface.

Arena surfaces
We offer a range of surfaces with consideration to required specifications and budgets including but not limited to:
 • Top of the range waxed sand and polymer microfibre surfaces.
• Straight silica sand, rubber chipor wood fibre surfaces through sand and synthetic carpet fibre surfaces
Arena Fencing

We offer a range of fencing options, favouring slow grown Swedish timber with a guaranteed longevity of 25 years, protected against all forms of rot and pest attack. However, all other fencing is possible too.

Our Drainage Systems

Our drainage systems consist of a leader with a parallel lateral drainage pattern, with all junctions outside of the arena riding surface. All junctions are formed with an inspection chamber, this allows for monitoring drainage flow and diagnosing problems without having to disturb the riding surface.

Maintenance/ Rejuvenation of existing Arenas

Our arena maintenance services include arena surface rejuvenation as well as fencing refurbishment.

•We provide routine maintenance of surfaces, harrowing and re-levelling, as well as sand top ups by sand spreader.
•A common upgrade includes the addition of fibre to existing sand and rubber chip arenas.
Paddock/Land Management Services

Our Equestrian services also extend to:

•New stables and field shelters and repairs, re-roofing to existing structures
•All weather tracks and hardstandings, foundation works for new stables and field shelters
•Paddock drainage (full system installations and repairs)
•Field water supplies; underground pipework and new troughs, supplied and fitted
•Fencing and gate fittings: post and rail or post and wire fences. Please see our fencing page for further details.
•Reseeding following ploughing or over seeding with a ‘direct drill’ into existing tired grass swards
•Weed management
•Topping excessive growth
•Aeration to improve surface porosity and root development, promoting grass health
•Fertilizer applications, including lime spreading
Stabling and Field Shelters

Our equestrian services extend to the renovation and repair of existing stable or field shelter installations, as well as building new units to meet your specifications.

Pictured below is a project the Landscape Resource Centre undertook to re-roof a field shelter.

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If you would like to discuss any of our services further, simply contact us using the following methods:

Phone: 01764 683 249