Landscaping and Gardening Services.

The Landscape Resource Centre


Fencing for Gardens, Farms, Forests, Estates and Sports grounds

Our fencing service includes new erections as well as repairs and upgrades to existing installations.

Very few gardens, landscape projects, sporting venues or farms are complete without some boundary, or even internal fencing.

At the Landscape Resource Centre, we have erected many fences of all imaginable details including but not restricted to

GARDEN fencing

Fencing can be used to provide boundaries, create privacy, or simply create a decorative garden feature. 

We offer a variety of different fencing, including shelter fencing, screen fencing, decorative fencing and rabbit/deer protection, or stock proof fencing.

Farm/Agri/Paddock fencing

We cater for all livestock fencing and crop protection fencing needs.

Forestry/Deer/Rabbit Fencing

We provide fencing to surround areas of woodland or forestry to protect tree stocks from damage by wildlife

Post and Rail Fencing Systems

A popular fencing option which can give a neat finish to a driveway, a paddock or simply be a decorative feature in a garden, is the traditional post and rail system.

Child/dog proof/safety fencing

Often family homes sit alongside roads or rivers. We are able to provide a variety of fencing which will keep children and pets away from such dangers.

Sports Ground and Security Fencing

We offer  a variety of chain link and pre-formed mesh panel fencing for ‘ball stop fencing’ and security fencing

Fencing for Equestrian Arenas

Almost all equestrian manages will be enclosed by some form of fencing or hedging. We can install a fence to your design and specifications. Please also see our equestrian services page for further information on arena construction.

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