Landscaping and Gardening Services.

The Landscape Resource Centre

Landscaping and Gardening Services

The Landscape Resource Centre offers a traditional landscaping service for all sites from a small urban plot to the largest private estate needs. We work within existing gardens and landscapes doing restoration and renewals to the original styles, or redevelopments to more current garden fashions.

We can help with building your dream garden, and we also work alongside a number of professional garden designers and landscape architects.

At the Landscape Resource Centre, we realise the importance to capture our clients vision to create their perfect outdoor living area. We  value our clients views and therefore communication is at the forefront of our ethos, ensuring clients questions are answered and provision of continuous progress discussion throughout the project.

We offer a wide variety of landscaping and gardening services to appeal to a range of budgets and preferences. Whether you would like a small section of your garden re-designed, or would like to create a beautiful garden from an entire blank canvas, simply contact us for further information about our services.



We can rejuvenate or remove tired garden features; paving, fencing, garden structures, walls, edgings, paths, steps and more.  We are also equipped remove outgrown, dead and damaged trees and shrubs. This  can create opportunities to reorganise and restructure a garden, often introducing more contemporary styles and materials.

Garden Formation

From initial site clearance, we can make a garden with beautifully sculpted lawns, hard landscaping features and elaborate planting schemes.

Paths and Paving

We can do paving repairs and restoration or we can create a new patio or terrace in a wide variety of paving materials (image left), including gravelling. 


Steps can be used in a garden to create an attractive focal point or grand entrance to your garden, as well as being a very effective and compact means of changing levels in a garden, where a sloped path may take up too much space. Steps can be formed in natural stone, reconstituted stone, bricks, paving materials and timber.


Driveways can be styled to create a grand entrance or decorative frontage to your property. This can be achieved using a variety of materials including: natural stone, concrete or bespoke curbing materials, accompanied with gravel , stone chip or a block pattern paving material. 

Our driveways can have SUDS drainage systems built in.

Turfing and Lawn Seeding

Few gardens are complete without an ornamental lawn or grassed utility/play area. We have 30 years experience in lawn establishment and turf care. We are able to provide a colourful appearance to your garden, and to help you maintain it thereafter. Please see our turfing, lawn and wildflower page for further information.

Raised Beds

A very popular feature in flat or sloping gardens is that of Raised Beds. They are equally effective for vegetable growing or planted with flowers for a colourful finish. We can create raised beds in timber, stone, brick or landscaping blocks.

Land Drainage

Most garden projects will benefit from some degree of additional drainage. Large areas of paving can quickly become inundated after periods of heavy rain and snow melt. Additionally, plant and turf roots require oxygen for healthy growth, water logged soil reduces air pores in the soil. Well designed drainage will prevent this. Please see our drainage page for further information.

Fencing and gates

Very few gardens or landscape projects are complete without some boundary or internal feature fencing and gates. Our services includes all new erections, as well as repairs and restoration to existing installations. We provide fencing/ gates in a variety of different materials and styles. Please see our fencing page for further information.


To make a clear division between different areas in a garden, to segregate different surfacing materials, as well as to help form small transitions in height across a garden, edgings, curbs, or low walls will achieve this. Materials used can include timber battens, round timber, stone or manufactured landscape walling units and much more.

Planting Services

We offer garden planting services as well as professional advice to ensure careful selection or plants so suit your gardens situation. Please see our planting services page for further details.


The versatility of walls within and around a garden is invaluable to a garden designer. From the humble low brick wall along a plot frontage, to retaining walls securing banks, and  terraces; natural stone dykes for great aesthetics and character. The choice of material is wide; Brickwork, Blockwork, Sleepers, Round Timber, Concrete units, Gabion Baskets and Natural stone, even traditional Turf walls.

Play Areas

The Landscape Resource Centre have designed and built sensory paths and gardens. We also supply and install exercise and adventure playground units. The variety is limited only by our clients imagination.

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If you would like to discuss any of our services further, simply contact us using the following methods:

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