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Garden planting

Very few gardens or landscapes are complete without trees, plants, shrubs. Careful selection of appropriate variations of plants and trees is important in order to allow them to thrive in each specific setting. We offer professional planting advice in order for you to select the best  plants and planting layout for your gardens needs. We consider preferences to create your own garden, from easy maintenance to those designed to be more colourful and attractive.


On exposed sites, some gardens may struggle to establish without shelter. In many cases, a hedge will provide good shelter, and may be more resilient against our climate than any fencing would be. Hedges are also wonderfully beneficial to many wildlife species, insects, and birdlife, and will add charm to any garden.

Wildflower Meadows

Wildflowers are a beautiful option for many garden schemes. They have the advantage of attracting many beneficial  insects and pollinator species. This in turn can improve the performance of the remainder of your garden. Wildflowers also make an attractive feature for driveways (see image below).

Specimen tree planting

Semi mature specimen trees will give any new landscape some instant height and features. We have a great deal of experience in planting these with conventional post and tie securing or underground guying to provide support until the tree has developed its own secure rooting system


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